martian cat: "Introducing my teddy bear whose name is Estelle. And, her name means Star."
lucien59: Germania Nova ' s boom in bw
lucien59: sailing schooner Germania Nova
lucien59: Germania Nova 's boom
faustonadal: barcelona
lucien59: Schooner Germania Nova in bw
martian cat: “My husband with his sailing mate understand how to control my husband's sailboat's sailing speed.”
lucien59: Amerigo Vespucci 2
lucien59: galaxy of happiness 4
martian cat: "Happy Birthday Marin! She's 3 years old!"
lucien59: flowers and Como lake
martian cat: "This is such a very, very beautiful Springtime day."
moonjazz: Cascade at St. Mary's Falls, Glacier National Park
faustonadal: el prat de llobregat
faustonadal: atardecer en puerto de soller en mallorca
lucien59: le onde sulla galeazza
faustonadal: mallorca
lucien59: primavera
martian cat: "In Spring, there are lovely and beautiful days!"
martian cat: "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you."
martian cat: "Introducing my teddy bear named Hans and his name means The Lord is Gracious."
martian cat: "Introducing my teddy bears and their names are Venus and Verena."
lucien59: SOLE TRA LE GRU E VOLO DI GABBIANO -- seagull flight at sunset
martian cat: "Marin's smile helps me each and every day!"
lucien59: #1 The rock, sea and blu sky....
lucien59: ....sbandamento a dritta di 45 ° - heeling to starbord 45 degrees
faustonadal: barcelona
martian cat: Marin asks "Mama... Do you see where I am?"