Mister Oy: Shake it!
willi_pinheiro: Que mis ojos se despierten con la luz de tu mirada
Clement Tang *: The East Temple : Zion National Park
Jérôme Delahaye: Le saut du loup
Mister Oy: Museum of Liverpool
Héctor Cembe: Dos puertas y un camino - Two doors and one path
willi_pinheiro: La que una sonrisa me roba
Jérôme Delahaye: Le saut du loup
Iqbal Ahsan Zaidi: Sky on fire upon dusk #karachi
Davide FR AV 9597: E483.055 'Zoe' GTSR + D753.004+D753.001+E483.025+E483.026 ex-SI
Mister Oy: Let's Talk Beauty
Jérôme Delahaye: Crique de poussaï
Charlie Little: A Storm Over Ullswater
Clement Tang *: Australian Ringneck : Off I go . . .
phototouring: Hållö island lighthouse, Sweden
EdBob: Palouse Area of Eastern Wasington State
Mister Oy: Swan and Railway
leenvanloosen: naked light
Clement Tang *: Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) 黃山早春 : Spring afternoon . . .
Mister Oy: Wet Oats
GFerreiraJr ®: Uma temporária calmaria...
EdBob: Exploring An Old Dairy Barn
Jonathan Irwin Photography: 68003 & 68017 DRS_DSF0669
Jonathan Irwin Photography: Scania 94D Fire Appliance Y399 EBR_DSF0681
Jonathan Irwin Photography: Brent Alpha_DSF0676
Bram Reinders(on-off): Je moet veel drinken met warm weer-You should drink a lot in warm weather
EdBob: Dairy Barn Rooftop
Clement Tang *: Zion National Park : Rock face abstraction . . .
Mister Oy: Cherries