Darrell Godliman: UK - Brighton - Hove Seafront 20_DSC0204
PaulGorrin: "Autumn Blaze" #2
Jared Price: @jared.overview
www.nolenslandscapes.co.uk: An Autumn Stroll 4
AJFpicturestore: Light on the valley……
rkendrick: Think once ..think twice .. think bike
f22 Digital Imaging: Ripples in the Fabric of Spacetime
PaulGorrin: "Autumn Blaze" #1
rafhuggins: ‘....The lines that jerk into step do not fit any mold. More than time keeps shifting. Language never fits geography ...’ from Midsummer, IX, Derek Walcott. Wing Sing Co, Charlotte st., POS, Trinidad. Chinese shop shop keeperB64117F2-AC9F-4A5A-B0DA-092
Paul Watson Photographer: brothers | water
AJFpicturestore: Facing it……
www.nolenslandscapes.co.uk: Impatience.........
suzannesullivan2: Cranbrook est
PaulGorrin: "Autumn Mosaic"
bayek photography: French model Anais Benmessaoud
bayek photography: Marleen Mathews