SoulRider.222: HADLEY and more
SoulRider.222: Lockheed T-33 Ace Maker II
SoulRider.222: 1960 Dodge D300
SoulRider.222: 1925 Graham Brothers Detroit
steellmetal: GL-Carbon-D
steellmetal: GL-Carbon-P
yeahwotever: Drain Daily.
yeahwotever: Old Truck.
yeahwotever: Pulp Reality.
†x R€l¡¢ Hµn†€R: Had a chance to hunt a civil war camp today
yeahwotever: Our train.
SoulRider.222: Atwood 7 strand core 550 Paracord
yeahwotever: #486 on the Highline.
yeahwotever: Bush Truck
SoulRider.222: Ford F-150 FX4
yeahwotever: Perurail 653.
yeahwotever: Scrapland
yeahwotever: Old Gold
thegreatalaskanbowlcompany: Some in house work.
thegreatalaskanbowlcompany: The Great Alaskan Bowl Company visit our
yeahwotever: Che & Chevs
yeahwotever: Anytime.
yeahwotever: Needle Bride
†x R€l¡¢ Hµn†€R: Star stamp in new bullets made from old camp lead.
†x R€l¡¢ Hµn†€R: We bought a civil war bullet mold and took civil war camp lead and made civil war bullets. We are going to donate them to the local historical society for them to sell as modern souvenirs.
†x R€l¡¢ Hµn†€R: "J. E. B. Stuart" Sword Hanger
yeahwotever: Desert Wheels.