Vittorio Ricci (thanks for 5.2 millions views): South Africa, white backed vultures
Ted Humphreys Nature: Concentrating
fogline: I Watched A Wino Eating Grapes
fogline: Social Distancing
fogline: Lazy Days In Valley Ford
fogline: Overgrown
aidan100195: Macro/nature shots
fogline: Artie Chokes Three For A Dollar
fogline: A Blade of Grass
aidan100195: Macro/nature shots
fogline: Stealing The Last Light
fogline: Where The River Meets The Sea
aidan100195: Astonishing sky tonight 🌌
aidan100195: Astonishing sky tonight 🌌
fogline: Cyclamen
fogline: Convolvulus
fogline: Clouds Of Rage
fogline: Her Majesty's Forest
aidan100195: The bloom
aidan100195: Close up shot of a bouquet of flowers
fogline: Dormant
Maddi Pope: Snow and Leaves
Maddi Pope: That First Kentucky Snowfall
fogline: Shedding Light
fogline: The Black Swan
fogline: Dormancy Reflection
fogline: Springtime In Oakland