Texaselephant: After The Hunt
Marco Buccelli: those eyes
Texaselephant: Indifference and Patience
bobbyblack51: PAT & MHAIRI
Lamerie: wired
Hélo and cats: Friend's cat
Hélo and cats: Young Strophe
rubyblossom.: Happy Christmas
rubyblossom.: A Christmas Message...
rubyblossom.: Pride of Place...
Lamerie: Newton
Bob Smerecki: Barney the Basset Hound
Bob Smerecki: Cute Puppy
Marco Buccelli: wanna mess with me?
rubyblossom.: Chopper
Lamerie: wait
Lamerie: on the fence
Lamerie: redeye
Lamerie: eos
Lamerie: nap time for Eos
Marco Buccelli: rapeseed hunter
Lamerie: ready to ship
Lamerie: Rosie
Lamerie: buster
Lamerie: buster&rosie