Renee Rendler: It’s National Burger Day
Renee Rendler: Raindrops on Roses...
BLACK EYED SUZY: Golden hour
meeeeeeeeeel: gardens of yore
FlavioSarescia: Hello Sunshine won’t you stay
Renee Rendler: ETHS Class of 2020
Renee Rendler: I once had a granddog who would never have tolerated this visitor. I am at the mercy now of backyard critters.
Renee Rendler: Curiouser and Curiouser
meeeeeeeeeel: a lovely place
mark brueckman: Find the spider
Pedro Nogueira Photography: Tortilla with salad
Pedro Nogueira Photography: Pork ribs with potatoes
Renee Rendler: Curves Ahead
jasonol0gy: On the way to the heavens
FlavioSarescia: Summertime happiness
D. Ingraham: Passing Time
Renee Rendler: Fry Day Friday
Pedro Nogueira Photography: Pork with clams and spaghetti
Renee Rendler: Delicious Deep Dish
mark brueckman: ODC: Seating
Harvey Licht: Red Petals
Renee Rendler: Grocerystore Plants
Pedro Nogueira Photography: Chicken pie with salad
Renee Rendler: The double sided Ever Changing Rock