Harris Hui (in search of light): Holiday Walk - Steveston XT8500e
BettieBlu: Urban dusk
Arminius54: P1040824 B&W
Ken Cheng Photography: Wet December Night in Downtown Vancouver/Granville Street
knightbefore_99: Checking the Dumb Phone
Arminius54: P1040479
Arminius54: DSCF6191 B&W
Arminius54: _DSF9831 B&W
johnjackson808: Insouciance
Ken Cheng Photography: Just another Thursday in Canada (Granville Street/Downtown Vancouver)
Arminius54: P1050283. B&WJPG
Theodora Kalavesis: Στάζει μοναξιά απόψε...
Benjamins Shutter: Living in a Gucci World
johnjackson808: Hard Worker
Harris Hui (in search of light): Difficult Game - Library XT8475e
johnjackson808: Foreign Affairs
Arminius54: P1050269. B&WJPG
Theodora Kalavesis: No one waiting by your side
Arminius54: P1050258 B&W
Ted's photos - Returns late December: 2019 - Vancouver - Cosmic Breeze
rabbit.Hole: Remembrance Day 2019
Arminius54: P1050249 B&W
johnjackson808: Skull King
knightbefore_99: Downtown Eastside Drug Show
Arminius54: P1040386
Arminius54: P1050250 B&W
Arminius54: DSCF7024 B&W
kirstiecat: That One Time I Dated a Bumblebee