Bytormsa: School is out for New Offices
Bytormsa: Old West Virgina Home
Bytormsa: Easy Living Easy Does It
f u oscar: Hung Out To Dry (246-365)
Tastwo: Dismantled wall
gregador: Veneer
gregador: Spellbound
gregador: And Cleveland
Tim Nicholson: Blast furnace 2
Matteo Allochis: Carry me on at One Eleven
MassiveKontent: Mile-End Graffiti (Montreal)
COOLS Anthony: Voilà combien de temps que tu es reparti
Flo 365: Duisburg - LaPaDu
Pattypoh93: La Tabaccheria
M. Chaussettes: FU Fred Picker
COOLS Anthony: la chambre d'Érèbe
Bytormsa: Grain Elevator New Carlisle IN
Pattypoh93: Vercelli urbana
COOLS Anthony: i'm back
Tim Nicholson: Route 66
Aloneunderholder: A Tang of Irony
Tastwo: Boarded up balconies
gregador: In Hiding
gregador: Threshold
black.parrot_photo: Abandoned Holiday home 2/3 - the hallway
black.parrot_photo: Abandoned GDR Holiday home
Kathi Huidobro: IMG_1150379