diviciacda: True Faith
diviciacda: Under Yule Moon
diviciacda: Enchanted Melancholy
diviciacda: Summoning the raven
diviciacda: Moon's celebration
diviciacda: Queen of the Marsh (crowned)
diviciacda: Samain's night
Sarah Takahashi/Sorcha MacLennan: Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie
Sarah Takahashi/Sorcha MacLennan: Fairy Glen, Rosemarkie
diviciacda: Under Pale Moon
diviciacda: Howling at the Moon
BBG Photographie: Un bon endroit depuis quelques années
diviciacda: Hugin et Munin
diviciacda: Morrigan's entrance
diviciacda: Samhain's ceremony
diviciacda: Honor The Horned God
Sarah Takahashi/Sorcha MacLennan: We are Kings - Dunadd Fort
place bel-air: Collier,necklace ethnic embroidered with vikings symbols.
jacbfotografie.com: for the love of the dancing
diviciacda: The Deer Lady
diviciacda: Daughter of Gaia
diviciacda: esprit de la Lune
diviciacda: Ankavos
diviciacda: Beltaine
diviciacda: BanSidh
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ScottishSkies: Beltane ...
ScottishSkies: PSX_20220227_170054.jpg
ScottishSkies: Loch Caolisport In Shadow.