canong2fan: Echternach reflected in silver & gold
THR Photos STAY SAFE: Lockdown 2 at Norbury Junction
THR Photos STAY SAFE: Autumn at Norbury Junction
THR Photos STAY SAFE: Autumn at Great Haywood
canong2fan: Pamse Manor Distillery
canong2fan: Kuressaare Moat Reflections
Stabbur's Master: New Hampshire - Waterloo Bridge
JMS2: Autumn Leaves
JMS2: Lake Reflections
Nigel L Baker: Two halves make a whole
Nigel L Baker: Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England.
băseşteanu: octombrie
bluetoonloon: RNLB The Misses Robertson Of Kintail
Mr Joseph Bloggs: 160+158, Alviso CA, 8 Nov 2019
steve_whitmarsh: Hallowe'en Reflections
JMS2: Crestwood Falls
THR Photos STAY SAFE: The Boat Inn at Gnosall
O.Sjomann: Silvery moon
canong2fan: Ghostly Reflection
JMS2: Autumn Reflections
bluetoonloon: Autumnal Sky
cullen2009: Autumn Sunset at Lago d’Antorno
rainerpetersen657: Architecture with Reflections
JakeFanPhotography: sunset in MKE-1
JMS2: Pavilion
băseşteanu: octombrie
O.Sjomann: Sun between fog and shadow
O.Sjomann: Rhapsody in blue