leo.roos: Perforated mirror
leo.roos: Red ball
TFitzR: IMGP1476
TFitzR: IMGP1482
leo.roos: G spot
TFitzR: IMGP1509
agnes.mezosi: Yellow
leo.roos: Stripey roofness
leo.roos: Water and ice 5
leo.roos: Rectangles
Ron Random: Caramel et lignes parallèles 2
leo.roos: Geometry under my feet
leo.roos: Icicle
LiquidStep: black white stuff
leo.roos: Armrest
leo.roos: G(otland)
leo.roos: Water patterns
hares7: Bubblepath
LiquidStep: black & white stuff
leo.roos: Three elements
hares7: Marmor staircase
leo.roos: Reflecting roof reflected
hares7: Bubbly
Ron Random: 3 guitares
leo.roos: One day I'll fly away
leo.roos: Office workers inside!
leo.roos: Light in the alley
leo.roos: Escher was here
leo.roos: Climbing up the wall