ParcelBye: Anthene lycaenina - Pointed Ciliate Blue
Jesus Tejon: Longicornio
Jesus Tejon: Longicornio
Jesus Tejon: Aerodinamico
kevpkelly: Honey Bee
cbrozek21: Cabbage White (Pieris rapae). Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
dollywings [ Pat ]: Large white Butterfly
js19pv: A Plain Tiger butterfly
js19pv: A Common Tiger butterfly
*JayBee*: Atlantis Fritillary
John FotoHouse: rudbeckia and moth | harlow carr
olegol: Good morning little dragonfly
Rourkeor: Red Admiral
donnasanders62: Native bee
js19pv: A Common Grass Yellow butterfly
Juggler Jim: Wet Bee On Flower
Sandy Hill :-): BUSY AS A BEE
js19pv: A mason wasp
giorgiorodano46: Pranzo autunnale
BirdFancier01: Clouded Surphur
BirdFancier01: Common Whitetail (female)
florinm75cj: Ray of light
velodenz: CTC Birthday Rides 2008 - Water Lilly at Sezincote House
creaturesnapper: Painted Lady ----Vanessa cardui
js19pv: A Psyche butterfly
claudialohmanns: etwas Sonne .........
Dusan Baksa: Enjoy the beautiful day ☀️💛 Vanessa atalanta on Buddleja davidii alba
macromerriment: White-lined Sphinx 1
Shotaku: Pink zinnia with skipper