stephen.hirshon: Noah’s Ark and Climate Change
stephen.hirshon: Duck Soup, 2, TOO. 😂😅
peterstratmoen: DSC07074
peterstratmoen: DSC07070
peterstratmoen: DSC07067
peterstratmoen: DSC07060
peterstratmoen: DSC07055
peterstratmoen: DSC07053
peterstratmoen: DSC07050
peterstratmoen: DSC07048
stephen.hirshon: What are you looking at? Don’t even think about sitting on me!
stephen.hirshon: Three Different Windows, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.
stephen.hirshon: Hapah and Quinn ‘ Play Together’ , Some Great Face Time to go along with Brownie Sunday When my Car Broke Down 👼🚗🍩🎶🎶
stephen.hirshon: Quick true Story - Car problems? Yup.! 2010 Nissan Altima transmission with 165,000 miles stuck in neutral on a steep hill coming in to Bellefonte. But the Car continues up the hill until I can find a place to park. See solution below in description:
stephen.hirshon: The Sacrifice of Isaac? Bas Relief Sculpture, commemorating the Civil War Soldiers’s Sacrifices, completed 1906. Bellefonte , Pennsylvania.. See “I” ( photo info) for more about the indirect antiWar symbolism of this Scupture and its history.
#SANTAFE: Trackage right's
Jim Schue: Friends on the Dock
#SANTAFE: Soo lives on
David Cucalón: Small lighthouse
stephen.hirshon: Ecstatic Dancing Dervish from the Blue Light Series
stephen.hirshon: An Old Turkish Tradition and a New American One 😄😊😄 ….making a bronze cast from my coffee cup 😄
view2share: SRS 129 in the Bronx
view2share: Major Deegan in the Bronx