dubosclard23: M45 - Les Pleiades
Jacobo Cancela: The light look at us.
Ebroh: Same train, different hoppers, same artist?
Ebroh: 'Southern Excellence', Volvo 60, motorboat cannot keep up with her
Ebroh: Eastern blue-tongued skink, Tiliqua scincoides scincoides
Kiara Clarecita: Seagulls on the Rhein
Kiara Clarecita: Seagull swan and ducks on the Rhein
Kiara Clarecita: Lonely seagull
Kiara Clarecita: Dawn over the trees
Kiara Clarecita: Colorful dawn
Kiara Clarecita: Golden pink dawn
Kiara Clarecita: Crowd in black and white
Kiara Clarecita: Urban geometry
JimmyPierce: kilpatrick - lough owel - westmeath
Enric's: Gel
Ebroh: Maggie Cat, Captain Cook Cruises, calling Perth home now
Ebroh: Koala topiary
Jacobo Cancela: From the promenade to the World
Kiara Clarecita: France seen from Germany
Kiara Clarecita: European cross road
Kiara Clarecita: seagull on the river
Jacobo Cancela: Walking or waiting can take you to the same place :)
Gianni.D: IMG_6123
Gianni.D: Randello
Gianni.D: Fattoria di Randello
Ebroh: New South Wales Water Police WP32, Steber 38
JimmyPierce: house - back garden
Gianni.D: Avola