showmesavings: Bar Harbor, Maine (photo taken from Cadillac Mountain summit)
a frightened rabbit: Golden field
a frightened rabbit: Orange Valley
freemanphoto: sunrise bergamo pano
SWJuk: Z50_2917 - 14th September 2020, Whitby
Grace Courbis: Watching sunrise...
Ted Holm Photography: Backyard Sunset
dweible1109: OMFD Sunset
dweible1109: Penns Landing Sunrise
El Greco Travelphotography: Strabrechtse heide
showmesavings: View From My Balcony- Storm Cloud Over North Beach, MD.
freemanphoto: sunset over pianura padana
m2onen: Sunset in Lecco, Italy
Tekila63: [Explored Sept 25, 2020 n°74] The promise of a beautiful day
GlensLens!: Dawn with Venus and the heron on the pier!
martin.gresty: This mornings Sunrise 28 September
martin.gresty: This mornings Sunrise 28September
martin.gresty: This mornings Sunrise 28 September
PawelLitwinski: Sunrise in the Tatra Mountains//Wschód słońca w Tatrach
C. Linge Photography: Beautiful Sunset-20200414_194414
fionarosegunn: Contemplation....
harrypwt: wild flowers
harrypwt: pier at the tip of kaskisaari
tarczyn: Tahoe showing its curves again
Way Tall Ginger: Parliament Moon