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spotwolf5: J.J. Maughan at top of Coal Creek. South end of the Tetons (Wyoming)
nbowmanaz: _MG_0439_40_41.jpg Walkway at Copley Railway Bridge
green_lover (your COMMENTS are welcome!): sandy road by the field :)
surfcaster9: Uphill
wandern - hiking: Gössigenhöchi (Kanton St. Gallen)
chris37111: Mountain biking around Grafham Water
wandern - hiking: Gössigenhöchi (Kanton St. Gallen)
sharongellyroo: Just Dodge!
rozoneill: Slow moving hikers: use the right lane
ingemar_akerlind: Evening light
Terri Mcpotatoe: Stairway to Heaven
pdegenkolv1: ravine Imatra Finland
Adventure George: Walking Amongst the Gods 17
NettyA: Caustis blakei by the trail
A blond-Tess: Glencoe
Waterford_Man: Here is East
NettyA: The Desert track - wind blown marks
neukomment: Snow Covered Trail
neukomment: Going Up
Ken Mattison: Summer Cycling
pct4nic: Higher Fence/Whitney Croft, Macclesfield
Butterflies in Still Air: Leaving Cascadas de Pimpilala (EC-ABB-00017)