Divemasterking2000: Kyoto Japan Winter 2014, Shunko-in Temple, Buddhist cemetery at the temple
uncoated99: Time Travels: Die Toten / The Dead
uncoated99: Time Travels: Mutter Heimat / Mother Homeland
uncoated99: Meditierender Beton / Meditating Concrete
FeVa Fotos: "In memory of the immigrants who died in the desert in search of a dream."
uncoated99: Plastic flowers 2
uncoated99: Betonstier / Concrete bull
uncoated99: Verfallendes Grab / Crumbling Grave
uncoated99: Grave Details - David's version
uncoated99: Grave details - Goliath's version
uncoated99: Grab mit Buch / Grave with Book - Speed Graphic
uncoated99: Friedhof in Boos / Graveyard in Boos
uncoated99: Säulen / Pillars
uncoated99: Pentax auto 110 - Graveyard 3
uncoated99: Pentax auto 110 - Graveyard 2
uncoated99: Pentax auto 110 - Graveyard
uncoated99: Winterfriedhof 3/ Winter graveyard 3
uncoated99: Winterfriedhof 2/ Winter Graveyard 2
uncoated99: Friedhof im Winter / Winter Graveyard
uncoated99: Friedhof / Cemetery
uncoated99: Grab in St. Rochus
mckora: Antietam National Cemetary
steamnut777: dappled light on the grave yard in Harlech (1 of 1)
uncoated99: Friedhofsdetail / Graveyard Detail
uncoated99: /Central Cemetery 4
uncoated99: Sofia, Zentralfriedhof/Central Cemetery 2
uncoated99: Sofia, Zentralfriedhof/Central Cemetery 3
uncoated99: Sofia, Zentralfriedhof/Central Cemetery 1
Snaps, by "BigPapa": Gardens of Stone
Snaps, by "BigPapa": Chattanooga National Cemetery