Foto Hardy: Sommer
Foto Hardy: Sommer
Tom Mortenson: Old Victoria Village
mikeculley591: BS8I0655
mikeculley591: BS8I0129
wilma HW61: They are there again
mikeculley591: BS8I0130
wilma HW61: Not tasty
a0931342819: DSC_2669_00001-大屯山
a0931342819: DSC_2671_00001-大屯山麓
a0931342819: DSC_2738_00001_ 秋季的花田
Ibolya Mester: Message of autumn.. / Őszi üzenet..
Ibolya Mester: Autumn has arrived.. / Megérkezett az ősz..
Ibolya Mester: Golden acacia leaves / Arany akáclevelek
Ibolya Mester: Resting place / Pihenőhely
Simon W. Photography: [NT] Clumber Park. Nov 2015. Autumn Highlights
LInDeZign: ~ Icicles and Bokeh ~
FarmerJohnn: It is Fall time Autumn_2020_09_27_0017
FarmerJohnn: It is Fall time Autumn_2020_09_27_0021
FarmerJohnn: It is Fall time Autumn_2020_09_26_0003
FarmerJohnn: It is Fall time Autumn_2020_09_27_0010
mikeculley591: A13V1946
mikeculley591: BS8I0143
mikeculley591: BS8I0151
Pedro1742: Facing the sunset...
Pedro1742: The hand that feeds...
Pedro1742: Green hearts...
Pedro1742: Power washed...
2flutes: Autumn Glow