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grafxmangrafxman: IMG_1695
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Man_of Steel: Reclaimed Wood + Steel Table in small Boutique in PORTO
Man_of Steel: African Mask on display in PORTO Boutique.
jonxt30: IMG_4999
Gone, away.: Signs of Misdirection
delecroix.richard: XE3-39451 copie bw
jonxt30: IMG_4992
jonxt30: IMG_2616
harrypwt: red pillars
harrypwt: late afternoon rain ...
harrypwt: out door breakfast area
harrypwt: green bushes
leo.roos: Hanging in the balance
D-Fo: California.
jHc__johart: Wall Decor
jHc__johart: Repurposed
jonxt30: 000012070020
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jonxt30: DSCF3373
Floating on Air: Brushes in the Old Barn
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jonxt30: DSCF3530
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grafxmangrafxman: IMG_1637
Man_of Steel: Classically formed Railing
Man_of Steel: Marquetry on the floor in side The Arab Room
jonxt30: IMG_9912
jonxt30: IMG_9911