agphoto100: Ginger 2
Fanyie: le kiosque de la Reine
+he-photography+: Herbstblüte
ludwigriml: Scandinavian Night Sky
Günter Thomsen: The last bottle was one too many
Pejasar: before the color fades into winter
Bluescruiser1949: dilapitated
Didier HEROUX: Farandole d'automne
yan08865: the Northern Sky
ada.kowal1: My beautiful Dahlias
ada.kowal1: Dahlia
EmArt baudry: Impressions - Feelings
Sam Tucker_Photography: Double vision.
Joao Eduardo Figueiredo: Urban Light - Los Angeles County Museum of Art
johnsinclair8888: Smell the Roses
Jeff Mitton: Glowing cottonwoods
A. Wrench: yellow leaves
jorgeni: Spectacles
agphoto100: watching.
robert.lindholm87: Dangerous looks.
kmclaudio: Cammina sull'acqua
RURO photography: Europe - Germany / Bayern - Beieren
sophiaspurgin: Holywell Beach
rodrodcr06: Spider Golden Orb-weaver
armanet philippe: Dès l'aube
mary.fennell: Tunnel to the Sea