Towner Images: The romance of the seaère: 223/366: delicate suspense (phone photography)ère: 222/366: portrait of a sleeper (phone photography)
David Feuerhelm: A photographer at work
midnightstar57: Oslo at night.
fs999: Water
pjpink: The Art of leaves
pjpink: Light and Shadow
pjpink: Leaves
pjpink: Leaf Dance
Lieven SOETE: Dance ¬ 3422
pjpink: Vintage Shed
pjpink: Vine Takeover
pjpink: Shed Scene
pjpink: Shed Drama
pjpink: Angles
pjpink: Abuse of Power Thrives in Darkness
Alan Barr: Rittenhouse Square, 2019
Cycling Saint: A Friendly Warning.
Cycling Saint: Time For A Smoke.
Cycling Saint: In The Camp.
Cycling Saint: Keeping Up Morale.
Cycling Saint: At Ease.
fabrizio_buoso: angoli di Aix-en-Provence
Linton Snapper: Dead tree...
pjpink: Electric
pjpink: Electirc Trioère: 221/366: dive (part 2)ère: 220/366: prickly shadows
jrmcmellen: Heres to you eyes...