johnscratchley: City Scape
johnscratchley: Ready and Waiting Monochrome, Outside Of The Irish Pub, Voronezh, Russian Federation. Busan, South Korea, May 23, 2018
John Beeching: Shoebox 53: The power of steam.
Mister Oy: Trinity Lane
mr_m_tom: Venting 51
ZionMike7: Great Blue Heron
martin35_645: "Some of those British soldiers are tiny...we have nothing to fear."
Cycling Saint: Young Love In Wartime.
Cycling Saint: Alex And Friend.
Cycling Saint: Olivia.
Cycling Saint: Little Soldiers.
Cycling Saint: Fashion Parade.
Cycling Saint: DSC_3650-Edit copy
Alan Barr: Manhattan, 2018
Old Phart's Photo: Real, or Fake?
martin35_645: Informal Lunch at Quorn and Woodhouse
Eclectic Jack: Cape Lookout State Park
Eclectic Jack: Dog and Master
Eclectic Jack: Let's Go Fishing
rochpaul5: Dendritic Growth Monochrome, Architecture & River Bridges, Village Hall, Ovingham, Northumberland, England. Monochrome, Wooden Bird Carvings, Guisborough Forest & Walkway Visitor Centre, North York Moors National Park, Pinchinthorpe, North Yorkshire, England. Monochrome, War Hero Memorial Plaque, Voronezh, Russian Federation. Monochrome, Street Landscape, Beamish Open Air Museum, Beamish, County Durham, England. Monochrome, Unesco World Heritage Site, Chandeliers, Chateau De Chenonceau, Chenonceaux, Central-Val De Loire, France.
rochpaul5: Quartz
johnscratchley: How Deep did you say?