marco.n.m.: Bern City - Capital of Switzerland
marco.n.m.: urban train ride
marco.n.m.: zurich west - prime tower
marco.n.m.: driving through zurich west
marco.n.m.: summer evening in zurich
marco.n.m.: goodbye old home
marco.n.m.: zurich west
leo.roos: Colourful and concrete
Willem_Zijlstra: Berlijn 3
leo.roos: Highrise
leo.roos: Harem lounge
Imagen 20/20: //5/1c/120 - MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA 2008
yeahwotever: Tall in Havana.
leo.roos: Eight Miles High
marco.n.m.: skyline amsterdam
leo.roos: Trees & towerblock 2
marco.n.m.: sulzer highrise
marco.n.m.: little houses big houses
marco.n.m.: swiss mill - tallest silo in the world
marco.n.m.: sulzer
marco.n.m.: skyline zurich
leo.roos: A sunny day in January
Johnmcd2012: L A Sundown
leo.roos: B is for B
leo.roos: Demolition in the Cloud
xtaros: Port Miami
xtaros: South Pointe Pier