Pixel Packing Mama ~ 31 Million Views β™₯: Madison, Large & Lovely Blue Dog
fen pilchaert: what are you doing over there
myvreni: Diggs - 7/3/20
ginam6p: 27/52 Weeks for Skye 2020
myvreni: Taking it easy - 6/30/20
myvreni: Diggs - 6/30/20
topperisthedog: Name's Biscuit - You Got a Problem With That ? IMG_5555
amethystrainn: Summertime Sweetness
doghealth8: My hiding spot πŸΎπŸ˜‰
RebaSpike: Merle Pitbull
dave p brecks: No not looking.
dave p brecks: This is my neglected dog face.
Nora077: Chill out...
bpephin: Finnigan and his red ball
Simply Col: 27/52 - Lacie in her field of daisies
Simply Col: Scenes from a morning dog walk
topperisthedog: In Memoriam of Sebastian
topperisthedog: Roxie lounging in the shade IMG_3875
Simply Col: 6/12 - Lacie
topperisthedog: Miss Lucy is receiving visitors for tea IMG_2118
YutahtheWolamute: All over the sky a sacred voice is calling your name. - Black Elk