Scotland by NJC.: Blackpool Sands, South Devon.
Scotland by NJC.: Blackpool Sands just south of Dartmouth, South Devon.
Scotland by NJC.: Sidmouth, Devon.
Scotland by NJC.: Sidmouth from Peak Hill, South Devon.
Scotland by NJC.: Hope Cove bounded by Bolberry Down and Bolt Tail headland, South Devon.
Scotland by NJC.: Brixham Harbour on “Pirate Day.”
Scotland by NJC.: From “Greenway” through the trees to the famous River Dart.
Scotland by NJC.: South Devon, the lush beauty of the River Dart.
caro-jon-son: Hope Cove Devon
caro-jon-son: Fishing at Slapton beach Devon
caro-jon-son: Hope Cove
caro-jon-son: Ladies on the beach
Images Of Devon: Hartland to Lundy view
caro-jon-son: Kingswear ferry
caro-jon-son: Busy beach, Hope Cove
caro-jon-son: Girls on boards
caro-jon-son: Dartmouth riverboat
caro-jon-son: Hold on tight !!
caro-jon-son: Young Gul
caro-jon-son: Getting ready to sail
caro-jon-son: One of the beaches, Hope Cove Devon
caro-jon-son: Arthur enjoyed a swim today
caro-jon-son: Watching
caro-jon-son: Hope Cove , Devon
Images Of Devon: Bucks Mill and Bideford bay
SARK S-W: Street Gate, Slapton Sands, Start Bay.
Hoovering_crompton: Teignmouth Groynes
SARK S-W: Sutton Harbour, Plymouth
SARK S-W: Cockwood Harbour, Devon.
SARK S-W: Harbour Masters Office, Ilfracombe, Devon.