bkkay1: Pritzker Music Pavilion.
klh1332: Valley of Fire in Black and White
Chicago Snapshot: Harrison Street Station
BartShore: Sock Monkey Dog
BartShore: White Castle - Chicago - North Side- 1st Chicago Location
BartShore: Little Bucharest - Chicago
hrc_oakpark: Chicago in the morning
bkkay1: Snowy seating.
hrc_oakpark: Chicago | OneEleven Wacker
hrc_oakpark: Chicago | Carbide and Carbon
BartShore: Motorcycle Mamas
BartShore: I am not sure what to say...
bkkay1: Hurtling through the snow and dark.
hrc_oakpark: Chicago | Vista Tower
BartShore: Rolling Stones!
hrc_oakpark: Chicago |One Bennette Park
hrc_oakpark: Chicago | Evolut110n
BartShore: Chicago Sunset
BartShore: Blommer's - Chicago
BartShore: Art- Chicago!
BartShore: Chicago
bkkay1: Skating lesson.
Joshua Mellin: Lincoln Hall - Tomorrow Never Knows | TNK Fest
bkkay1: Street canyon (II).
BartShore: Michigan Ave/Wacker Drive - Chicago before Sunrise
BartShore: Michigan Ave Bridge- Chicago
Gary Eckstein: Chicago Jerry Garcia
bkkay1: Snowy Millennium Park.
BartShore: Johnny Rivers- Ravina Concert 9/15/18
Mary Warren 14.6+ Million Views: Chicago, Skyscraper