eduard43: rafz_076_07022013_16'14
Ruth and Dave: The Cirque, Glacier Bowl, Whistler
harald.bohn: White landscape
the self-taught: Left to right hub Viso, Monviso and Visolotto. Po Valley
heinerengbrocks: suddenly snow
Ruth and Dave: Glacier Bowl from above "The Couloir"
harald.bohn: It was a hard winter for everyone...
MarianoJT88: First snowfall (in summer!)
Ruth and Dave: Coast Mountains from Flute Ridge
Kilian ALL: Pic du Midi de Bigorre, vu du Col d'Aspin
lutzmeyer: Andorra rural nature: Canillo, Vall d'Orient, Andorra
Lena and Igor: Breithorn. Switzerland
Sergei Sigov: Saint Michael's Castle. Saint Petersburg, Russia.
harald.bohn: Winter atmosphere by the sea
mb.graphx: Winter Forest Lantern
Ruth and Dave: Snow on the barbecue
Min Verden2: Snow horisontal
harald.bohn: Winter train
Fabien Guittard: Midday Fjord, Vesteralen, Norway
harald.bohn: Out of season
Roberta Salamone: Montgenèvre, France
lutzmeyer: Andorra mountain landscape: Encamp parroquia, Vall d'Orient, Andorra
evaanlp: 20190225_143247
harald.bohn: red berries in white snow - memories of the winter that was. Looking forward to beautiful white snow and exciting contrasts also for the coming winter!
KettleK: PB210436
Parth Joshi: Hoping for a clear view...
ArturHar: Pasłęka river
KW Studio: Autocamp