~mimo~: when past, present and future decide to meet
~mimo~: I've got a hold on you
~mimo~: winter in paris~ shrouding it twice
~mimo~: where ginger goes danger seems to follow
~mimo~: identity melting~
Kathy_9: Sliders Sunday 1/27/13
Kathy_9: First Thanksgiving
Kathy_9: I ♥ Paris
Kathy_9: Youthful Dreams. . .
Kathy_9: Sliders Sunday 3/4/12
Kathy_9: Reflections. . .
~Craig~: "Enough will happen to me this day alone to fill a novel, if I were only to attend to it"
Shelly MacNeil - Conway: Dance, again...
Shelly MacNeil - Conway: VVV ... JOY ... 362/365 {EXPLORED}
Shelly MacNeil - Conway: Wherefore art thou Romeo?! {Explore}
Dialed-in!: Razorback
Dialed-in!: Full Metal Jacket
Dialed-in!: 10x Macro Lens View Of The Queen of the Shed, and her eggs. Pholcidae Spider Macro (Glow skull cellar spider)
Dialed-in!: Robot seeks Revenge
Dialed-in!: Content Urban Resident
davehallart: Tres Ojos
davehallart: The Batman
davehallart: Arthur Curry at Home
davehallart: It Just Comes Out that Way
davehallart: The Mystery of Flight
davehallart: Keep On Keeping On
Photomaginarium: The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web.
Photomaginarium: there's a city in my mind / come along and take a ride
Photomaginarium: heaven's backstage pass.