cristiancappai74: Nudo in finestra
lofphotographe: 20200118-3
Michael S Knight: Still Life
Dominique Robert: Belated Christmas angel on tree
Tatyana Skorokhod: Still life with a bouquet of irises
J-F No: Psychedelic Cavalier
Moncho Garcia: ADSF1555
oldTor: Pen and inkwell
Michael S Knight: Still Life
Lyuda_: Nuts?
Lyuda_: Colorful Christmas Cookies
sergerobert1: Nature morte - Au Navets - M 42 - Pentacon 135 à f 2.8 + bague de 10
Chapter2 Studio: Disconnect to connect
georgeincanada3: Coffee Cup Double
sergerobert1: Nature morte - Baby Bananes - M 42 Auto Revuetar 50mm à f 4
maríaelenalópez: Early in the morning
aleksandra.krivdic: Same shoes, this time with a toast.
sulawesi.3001: Morning
patrickdarde: raisins 9
JMS2: Spools
Martin Nienberg: The Stressed Eye
derek_mole: camembert 1
Michael S Knight: Still Life
sulawesi.3001: A cup of coffee is full of tastes and smells • Take a sip • Enjoy • Beautiful morning
Michael S Knight: Festive Characters
Chapter2 Studio: past present and future
SpitMcGee: _time for tea
Moncho Garcia: AXTDSF1396