Johanna's Pix: made of metal
Pascal Volk: Wunderwelt Insekten: Insektenreich
- jerri -: The Devil's Rope
donalols: 2023_68A00331 Frozen
kurjuz: Made of metal
Calle Söderberg: Built-in Wing Dampening - _TNY_0383
PeteMartin: 365 2023 #037 Sea shell.
rolf lorenz: "Sie sind wieder da"
dasmith626: Made of Metal
E.Wengel: Krone
Karon Elliott Edleson: Get a grip
trustypics: Hot Wheels Corvette [Macro Mondays] [Made of Metal]
johnstewartnz: Gold Wedding Band (036/365)
Calle Söderberg: Food - _TNY_1671
Ian Cundell: Lichen a bit low key
Ian Cundell: Lichen good!
banewood54: Pittsburgh Baseball
Pipa Terrer: Paragomphus genei (Sélys, 1841)
Viv.....: Beautiful Rose bud unravelling at our garden on a sunny autumn evening. Roses have acquired cultural significance in many societies.
...DoN...: shadow
PeteMartin: 365 2023 #036 Washed up on the beach.
Stef ...: Grammophon
donalols: 2023_68A00286 Metal
janhallback: 6M7A7819
...DoN...: ヒヨドリの仕業?
laz666: Thomisus spectabilis with honey bee prey
laz666: Lasioglossum (Homalictus) sp.
Ian Cundell: Dad's pin badge