williespictures: Stockum_Rose_2022_1_15_c
williespictures: Stockum_Rose_2022_1_15_a
williespictures: Stockum_Rose_2022_1_15_b
Mike Conley LRPS: 2021-11-26 23.43.45 (_97A1817)
Mike Conley LRPS: 2021-11-26 22.29.03 (_97A1768)
janhallback: 6M7A4958
Ricardo Menor: The strength of the great
Scott Stults: IMG_9884
Thad Zajdowicz: Estd. 1892
Foto Welker: ice plate
Natalia Morón: 1883 Stamp
Michel Couprie: Pole dance
Ron and Co.: 7-spot ladybird larvae
Ron and Co.: Large skipper on bracken
janhallback: 6M7A4957
Viv.....: Pretty Geraniums
Viv.....: Striking Impatiens bloom in our garden
sallywagnerhale: Hanging Out HMM
Christine_S.: burgundy rose
Calle Söderberg: English Female, Swedish Male? - _TNY_1634
kurjuz: Stamp
jimmy_racoon: geology
jimmy_racoon: a key to knowledge
jimmy_racoon: who's out there?
jimmy_racoon: sound out
Geomastra: Datails