Teresa's Place/: Abstract /Light Impressions
Bob the Wonderer: Fifth Avenue
José Luis Cosme Giral: Window to the sky... Pamplona.
tableaux.imaginaires: Tableau imaginaire
Outi's photos: 2021_04 Schaerbeek_12
Aileen Lannen Mozug: Abstract Window 2
Leigh Siderhurst: projections
Pit Spielmann: Gigantic Unidentified Flying Object slowly approaching ?? ...
sunny-drunk: Project 365 #229. "A Day in the Life, A Life in a Day"
jocelynroggy: DSC_0596 (2)
andressolo: Post-Industrial II
Karl Hurst .: Trying to Remember the Ocean
jlsfly: _DSC1063
jan warneck: brothers
Klaus Ressmann: TakeAway.jpg
only lines: Red Reflection
bernard.saubot: Reflexions on the river
PeteZab: Distortion (37/52)
R Hammerly: Ripples Reflecting
Howie K: IMG_4892
Howie K: IMG_5019
maritiña1: Sin título
mzwarthoed: From the series: "At the pool"