Photographer South Florida: The Riviera and Saint Tropez condominiums, 2743-45 First Street, Fort Myers, Florida, USA / Built: 2007 / Floors: 24-27 / Architect: Fugleberg Koch Architects / Architectural style: Postmodernism
ssokolowski: Shopping Center - Square
ssokolowski: Vienna House Andel
ssokolowski: Vienna House Andel
ssokolowski: St. Joseph's Church Unesco World Heritage Site, Night Time, Day Of The City Fireworks Display, St. Basils' Russian Orthodox Church, Red Square, Moscow, Russian Federation. Night Time, Ancient Architecture, Kom-Ombo Temple, Aswan, Egypt. Night Time, Illuminated City Skyline & Coastal Landscape, Paphos Harbour, Paphos, Republic Of Cyprus.
Photographer South Florida: City of Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, USA Monochrome, Night Time, Museum Building Street Art/Graffiti, Voronezh, Russian Federation. Night Time, Out Of The Dark, Monument To War Time Postman, Voronezh, Oblast, Russian Federation.
schmarcio79: My lovely Geneva - Pont de la Machine - Cité du Temps - December 2018 - NZ6_0096_2 b&w
Photographer South Florida: City of Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, USA
Fulvio Frioli: Catch the light
The way I see the world.: Midtown Atlanta Georgia
boklm: Tétouan Night Time, Foggy Landscape & Berthed Boats, St. Helier Harbour, Jersey, Channel Islands, British Isles.
Torok_Bea: Budapest night / Buda Castle
Nico Geerlings: outside Fanelli
Paco Dicenta: La nuit Monochrome, Architecture & Water Landscape, Photograph Taken On The London Eye River Cruise, London, England.
hubert_lan562: 2019 Novembre - Lorient
schmarcio79: My Lovely Geneva - Christmas decorations - Rue du Mont-Blac - Created by Ben Busche - D85_0189_2
macplatti: Dinner For Two