KT Shiue: PassingThrough_ 路過_2021.0404_7772-org-a @ San Antonio, TX
gsikich1: Bring it on
brancusi7: No Exit For Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome In Mirrorland (tamed)
rfl888: galactic blue
Locheb: Twitter
Light Orchard: crossings
swift100: Pond life
pastadimama: The ruler - watch the video
Credi: Caption
monokhromov: shadow lines and sunny angles
Aloneunderholder: Love is a burning flame ...
EdgarJa: At the lagune
dannyhennesy: "When I try to sleep I try counting abstract artworks instead but it has quite an opposite effect on me, that is why I never sleep!" Contemporary doodle and clutter artwork By Danny Hennesy 2021IMG_0001
echudler: Slow Pour
CEZ-ART: …. © Cezary Gapik
mercurylaser2012: Perfect match!
Ines Seidel: self with New Moon News of April 2021
Richard Mouser: Coffee Shop Shadows
De Rode Olifant: Still life
Grooover: The salty water plays havoc on my skin
kris.notaro: Color Swirls Overlay
echudler: Blue Fog
Jorge Daniel Segura - On/Off: the dark winter following cyber polygon
Light Orchard: A riveting mystery
fibreman: validaspoets (26001399)
swift100: P1080089