MiroFedurco: Veľká Studená dolina
karen leah: Red kite wings outstretched low over the lake
born2pp: Nude
reginanegra9: Light....
loryxxyy: _R12723-1
marpaul1981: ... Sleeping Time ♥️🐝🌼
LarryJH: Leslie Spit Pond Reflections
Moni E: Flight of eagle owl
Jeanda.60: Guêpier d'Europe en vol
wesleybarr1962: Will u just go away and leave me alone
Lochaven: Florida December Sunset
born2pp: Have a bright day.🌹☕️
Kathryn Louise18: All I know she sang a little while and then flew off.
Natacha P. Photographie: Pic vert - Picus viridis
reginanegra9: Everything is coming up roses
karen leah: Bullfinch beauty
Caty V. mazarias antoranz: Un año más , un año menos 💜
George Plakides: Wild in the City
RJSchutDigitaal: Meikever - Cockchafer maybeetle - Melolontha melolontha
RiteSpring: Provincelands
Irene2727: Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ~~ Oscar Wilde
reginanegra9: Layers...
intylerwetrust72: in the shadows
Jeanda.60: Une belle brochette de Guêpiers
born2pp: Before sunrise 😊
celestino2011: 31/2020 - Stiil Life (Explored)
sdupimages: Flower
Al Garb: The not invited guest