42jph: "We'll cross that bridge when we.... oh!"
Professor Bop: Gay Head Beach
Rusnius: You listen till the pain and it haunts that you hear.
Rusnius: You listen till the pain and it haunts you that you hear.
2c..: Towers & Cranes
mostodol: Arromanches (revisited)
stevedewey2000: Poppies at the Field's Edge
Redheadwondering: the empty trailer
Zimthiger: untitled
2c..: Farmers, Co Carlow, Ireland.
42jph: The Folly
Carl Campbell: Condesa Sky in the Evening 25 August 2015 (4)
mostodol: Paddle alone (new version)
Rusnius: It never finally scars.
42jph: "3 in 1"
Hi-Fi Fotos: Riviera with even more attitude
stevedewey2000: Transport to Delights
Carl Campbell: Afternoon Break (1)
Alex-de-Haas: Not weird.
Alex-de-Haas: Photographer Marije.
Rich Presswood: Minolta XD11 SLR
mostodol: Le monstre abattu (revisited)
Carl Campbell: Auto (Part) 21 24 August 2007
uselessbay: No Life Guard Fence Line
Rusnius: Not living of mine you gonna forbid?
Carl Campbell: Bird of Paradise VII (28 November 2015)
Carl Campbell: Querétaro Sunday (84)
Alex-de-Haas: Hands up.
mostodol: Not far away (revisitée)