I like green: At the top of Cascadilla Gorge Trail, Ithaca NY
ascholtz101: Gray's Creek Falls [explored 10-Aug 2020]
rochpaul5: Autumn Color
rochpaul5: Five Arches, Avon, NY
kuddlyteddybear2004: Vivid colors
ses7: Picture Of Fall Foliage 2008 Taken In Central Park Near Showing Bow Bridge On The Central Park Lake In New York City. Photo Taken Sunday November 9, 2008
rochpaul5: Red and Yellow Leaves
NedElliott: Y35_0014vvm
NedElliott: Y35_0005bbm
NedElliott: Y35_0006bbm
ses7: Picture Of 2018 Fall Foliage. Photo Taken Sunday October 28, 2018
rochpaul5: Farm near Town Pump
rochpaul5: Fall Colors
JMS2: Rocky Shore
djrocks66: Adirondacks, NY
rochpaul5: Frosted Maple Leaf
JuneNY: Quaker Lake (Allegany State Park)
MMR Dad: Hawkins Hall Panorama
MMR Dad: Nice Afternoon Outside Hawkins Hall
MMR Dad: Capitol - November 2017
MMR Dad: Natural Halo Around the Capitol
MMR Dad: A View from the Court of the Appeals
MMR Dad: Albany in the Fall
MMR Dad: Fall at SUNY Plattsburgh
MMR Dad: General Sheridan in Autumn
MMR Dad: From the Top of Kehoe
MMR Dad: State Street - Albany, NY
MMR Dad: Hoosic River
MMR Dad: Union College in the Fall
MMR Dad: 70 Year Old Man Goes Trapping