Traud: P1140764 Tauwetter
Northern Pike: Summer cooler
Paul B Jones: Jodie on the ice
ЕгорЖуравлёв: Hazy shade of winter
camilleromane1: Séance de tatouage...
@Tuomo: not summer
Paul B Jones: Pond Inlet Driver and Guide
leo.roos: A glass of cold blue water
RainoL: Freezing sea and sea smoke at -20°C (Kallahti, Helsinki, 20170106)
TW Astro: Svalbard; Bellsund
leo.roos: Walrus 8
leo.roos: Heavy cloud over the mountains
RPahre: Fences for missing mules - HFF!
RPahre: Light in the forest
leo.roos: White, black and blue
Doug McGr: Family Ice Skating, Oops - Day 60
S_Peter: Ushguli, Svaneti
TW Astro: Gashamna, Svalbard