Jym Dyer: jul2013 dan-laila
s2k kyle: IMG_2864
GDMetzler: Crossing against the light.
tcapps0419: Vista Tower
Vijayant Rajvanshi: Walking by the Riverside
Vijayant Rajvanshi: Chicago from a Different POV
Clay Fields: magicisntreal
GDMetzler: Heading to the yard.@Metra @black&white
GDMetzler: Threading the needle.
GDMetzler: Traffic jam at Western Ave.
Clay Fields: dothatshit!
Clay Fields: i feel dreams
GDMetzler: The "L"-21.jpg
GDMetzler: Legs on the "L"-3.jpg
GDMetzler: The "L"-8.jpg
GDMetzler: Friday Morning Hustle 5.jpg
GDMetzler: Four trains-2.jpg
fabrizioboni00: Cloud gate, once again #1
fabrizioboni00: Cloud gate, once again #2
Clay Fields: Muted v. Mute
fabrizioboni00: Scoiattoli ovunque...
fabrizioboni00: Riflessi oltreoceano
fabrizioboni00: The Dark Side of the Moon
Clay Fields: For Awhile
Clay Fields: Keep Your Name
Clay Fields: No Favors
Clay Fields: Blocked