George Ino: Jewels 0722
gardener54: Australian native bee: Megachile (Eutricharaea) apicata
arubow4: Rose
Monika Müthing: Gespensterwald
Christine_S.: pink japanese anemone
ERIK THE CAT Struggling to keep up: Hen of the Woods Grifola frondosa
Jogabi - Michèle: Petit portrait d'un Cheval blanc - Little portrait of a white horse
Bill D114: Long Tailed Skipper
*Millie: The crooked tree fable
yoko.wannwannmaru: Candle island
anacm.silva: Tietinga / Magpie Tanager
swetlanahasenjäger: Der Herbst ist bunt !
Neotropical Pete: BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER HATCHLING SLEEPING with Two Nestmates in a NEST on the GROUND, Jefferson National Forest, Virginia. May 25, 2010 Photo by Peter Wendelken.
liber avem: on the move...
germancute3 3rd: Sichelmond
germancute3 3rd: Konik Pferd
shelly.morgan50: Beautiful Monarch
N.Clark: An unlikely visitor
gardener54: Grey fantail
isteeves: Midnight Beauty Cyclamen
leendert3: Flowers
AnyMotion: International Vulture Awareness Day - 4th September 2021
Irina1010: Reflecting on a new day
Susan Roehl: Southern Red-Billed Hornbill (T. rufirostris)
Ashley1954: Sumac
jungle mama: Pink grasses in the breeze
jungle mama: Yellow butterfly-like cluster