Mario & Debbie: Seneca Lake Harbor. Watkins Glen, NY
rod1691: O'Side Misty Metro 4-4-4-21-80D-8X15
Tony Howsham: Airborne Sergeant
marcostetter: dive in
MWBee: Oil & Water 6
john wines: Holt heath sunset
ishrattasnim: Near by the riverside, where the seeds of sorrows, can be hide
Feng Wei Photography: Visovac Monastery, Krka National Park, Croatia
silviusdamicus: autumn 601
silviusdamicus: autumn 605
greyhills2: 00658-Kalliope012 2
rod1691: O'Side Beach Dawn 14-10-18-21-7D-24X70
stefank475: IC63 Ghost of Cassiopeia
JDS Fine Art Photography: évadez-vous en toute sérénité...
john wines: Corfe castle in the fog
silviusdamicus: autumn 608
silviusdamicus: autumn 603
silviusdamicus: autumn 607
caminanteK: Campan (Hautes-Pyrénées, Occitanie, Fr) – Hétraie
atliegilsson: smá tilraun
atliegilsson: Hólmatindur
atliegilsson: Skrúður í fjarska
rod1691: O'Side Harbor Dawn 18-9-16-21-6D-24X105
Will be mostly absent over the next week: Reconquered by time (Explored)
philippe318: Quiet harbor
ishrattasnim: IMG_20211018_202608