Yazn Achtar: Cavok Air An-12BK UR-CNN looking splendid, sat here resting at Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This aircraft is still going strong after 52 years of service. 8.7.19
Yazn Achtar: Atlas Air N322SG 747-400 arriving into Manchester wearing full Atlas Air livery rather than the gold livery that we at Manchester are used to. 15.7.19
rafhuggins: 1‘My heart is taken in a net Misled ill-used made captive too By promises and shows - but yet Happy with vows that are untrue’ from Chamber Music cycle, James Joyce streets of Soho London. 744BC8A-3B84-4BEF-AF44-0891BC65657C
Lina Manila Whitaker: MY NIECE, ANGELIE GOODIN
Yazn Achtar: SAS OY-KBA A340-300 seen taxing to the gate after arrival at Copenhagen Kastrup. 9.7.19
rafhuggins: all the girls say they love me all the mums say i’m lovely ever since i lived in the clouds’ from The monsoon song of Raja Narcissus, Daljit Nagra Streets of East London 6D87264A-D622-484D-8A5A-481251C0BFA1
Yazn Achtar: Air Greenland OY-GRN getting tugged onto stand for it's early morning departure back to Narsarsuaq, Greenland.
rafhuggins: BCan lip-read the words of my whisper as clear as the clang of a bell, Can see me say: ‘Wait ! Wait! Come closer; I‘ve something to tell’’ from The Whisper , Norman Nicholson. The streets of East London. 52B189A-1B1C-41DD-878B-CA32474908AF
wilwilwilsonsonson: Blossom Everywhere 遍地開花
rafhuggins: 3‘ 5. That night the city was attacked with rockets.’ from Lines for Translation into Any Language - James Fenton, Streets of Soho London, yesterday. A529063-FF2A-409D-BCF2-699B1309E372
Yazn Achtar: KlasJet LY-JMS 737-500 arriving into Manchester Airport this evening. This jet is an ex Air Baltic frame and is nearing 27 years of age. A very dapper plane i must say! 5.7.19
Yazn Achtar: It has finally arrived after multiple cancellation's this beauty finally arrived! Canadian Air Force A310 15003 in the retro livery on final approach into Manchester Airport. 4/7/19
Yazn Achtar: Double trouble! This isn't Toulouse but Paris Charles De Gaulle, in nice morning light. Vietnam Airlines a350-900 VN-AN891 taxing to a remote stand next to its sister VN-A887 after the passenger's had disembarked the aircraft. 12.4.17
rafhuggins: mama, how far am i gone from home? do you know what it‘s like to live on land who loves you back? From summer, somewhere - Danez Smith Under London. EF54D1E9-B28F-441E-8470-D8C2D9A63142
rafhuggins: ‘The silent withering of autumn flowers Dropping their petals and remaining motionless; Where is there an end to the drifting wreckage, ..’ from The Dry Salvages, T.S. Eliot ‘Streets of Dalston, Hackney, London yesterday. 9A9-6FA1-44F5-9B41-93819DA2CFFA
Pablo Ignacio Blanco: 31-23 TK.23-03
wilwilwilsonsonson: Lots of Choices
rafhuggins: 2‘Restlessly, Now and then, One shifts, click free of the cliff, Wings whirling like an electric fan-‘ from The Black Guillemot, Norman Nicholson Streets of East London, Hackney. B527190-4039-45C1-9728-4C4D7244E0FE
wilwilwilsonsonson: People's Power
Manuel Mañas: TLP 02/19
wilwilwilsonsonson: 1.03M People on the Street
BryanQuigley: In Living Color
Yazn Achtar: Bulgarian Air Charter MD-82 LZ-LDW rocketing out of Manchester Airport onwards to Varna, operating on behalf of BH Air. 8.6.19
stampolina, thx for sending stamps! :): 08-June-2019 **last dance** great stamp Austria 55c "Life Ball" Wien Vienna (charity event, Benefizgala, événement de charité, raccolta fondi, evento de caridade, благотворительная акция) postage timbre Autriche selo sello francobollo Austria почтовые мар
rafhuggins: 2‘Still,’ said the wolf, ‘by brakes and braes you wend And slink along and steal up on your prey.’ from Ten fox, the wolf and the Carter, Robert Henryson, Streets of East London. 1F2B75C-DEF1-4FAB-9F50-0F0F43875581
Lina Manila Whitaker: Golden Gate Bridge SF.
Yazn Achtar: Air Mauritius A330-200 3B-NBM arriving into Manchester today, for Air Livery attention. 22.05.19
stampolina, thx for sending stamps! :): **in memory** great stamp Austria 55c Niki Lauda (22 February 1949 – 20 May 2019; Formula One Legend, F1 World Drivers' Champion 1975, 1977, 1984) postage timbre Autriche selo sello francobollo Austria почтовые марки Австрия postzegel Oostenrijk
rafhuggins: 8‘The butterfly obtains But little sympathy Though favourably mentioned In Entomology -‘ from 1685, Emily Dickinson People I meet - Streets of London. F19103E-6470-478B-A413-F380DA52987D