Lina Manila Whitaker @ Itraveld'world.: VENICE, ITALY GONDOLA RIDE WHAT AN EXPERIENCED. I thought i can only dream about going to Europe. Indeed my wildest dream came true. Way more than that i beent to 8-Germany, Belguim, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Amsterdam & France
Yazn Achtar: Today's weather kinda reminded me to process the set of photos when this came in. Antonov AN124 UR-82007 landing into Manchester Airport on a sunny January morning. I think this was to do with a TCX engine if i remember correctly. 08.01.18
Lina Manila Whitaker @ Itraveld'world.: KITZBÜHEL TYROL, AUSTRIA
Lina Manila Whitaker @ Itraveld'world.: The BASILICA VENICE, ITALY
Yazn Achtar: TAP A340-300 CS-TOA seen here arriving into Lisbon. Sadly TAP has now retired all their A340's. 20.9.17
Yazn Achtar: Etihad Airways 787-9 A6-BND departing from a sunny, freezing Manchester Airport today. 29.10.19
Solvarm: Ekorre i trädgården
rafhuggins: ‘Perhaps for him another kind of greatness: to straddle two opposing worlds and find some footholds; to gaze into to the heart of his own darkness, square his shoulders and walk on;..’ from Mask, Esther Phillips, Port of Spain, Trinidad. 5B8ABC7A-6368-
Yazn Achtar: Aer Lingus oldest airbus EI-LAX A330-200 seen taking off from Dublin Airport bound for Washington Dulles. 7.10.19
Pablo Ignacio Blanco: Presente y Pasado
rafhuggins: AAfter a game with rough fellows, a single glass. This glass, oh it is the measure of my universe’ from A Table of My Own, Vahni Capildeo. San Souci, Trinidad. 4D627C8-83CD-4E71-B951-EB29414F9001
Lina Manila Whitaker @ Itraveld'world.: THE LOUVRE, PARIS...exploring 8 countries in Europe, Unforgetable experienced.
Manuel Mañas: EC-ET1 Evector Eurostar EV-97 in LEMU
rafhuggins: 4‘The lizard on the white wall fixed on the hieroglyph of its stone shadow, the palms’ rustling archery, the souls and sails of circling gulls rhyme with: “In la sua volont è nostra pace,” In His will is our peace.‘ From The Bounty Duke st.,Trinidad
Lina Manila Whitaker @ Itraveld'world.: MUNICH GERMANY, Exploring Europe 8 Countries @. Saint Mary
rafhuggins: ‘those who lost their surnames to the sea‘s ledger, beached up on the strange coast, waiting for the Star Liner to cross that imagined Mesopotamian water,’ from A Surveyor’s Journal, Eshion Hutchinson. St.James , POS, Trinidad A355E14F-D0D2-4FFA-8968-573
wilwilwilsonsonson: A Different Mid-Autumn Festival 不一樣的中秋節
wilwilwilsonsonson: The Hong Kong Way Lion Rock 中秋夜和你拖上獅子山
Solvarm: Skal
wilwilwilsonsonson: A Different Mid-Autumn Festival 不一樣的中秋節
Antonio Pérez Lerma: Cabina Airbus A320
rafhuggins: P.N.M (Peoples National Movement- political party TT) ‘babel, through the amnesic marble arch; past Garibaldi’s half-sheathed sword, their sounds with fifes and white flags march; the leading professorial frog bellows, “Words,” from New World Frescoes
kreativ xpressionz: Chairs are meant for sitting on