stephen 41: Statue 5 - acrylic/ink
Melencholy_Undone: Spiritual attack
stephen 41: VHS cascade
stephen 41: Teleport , acrylic and ink on wood
stephen 41: Circle work - acrylic / ink
fibreman: miasmic cloudset (video still)
fibreman: plot twist iv
fibreman: waiting for a world to catch up
fibreman: plokij (video still)
stephen 41: Slide - acrylic paint on canvas
Melencholy_Undone: Go ask Alice
fibreman: not a new thing
fibreman: one of us is a combusting mick jagger sock puppet
fibreman: valving
brancusi7: At Three With Nature
stephen 41: Sea to Sky - ink and acrylic
fibreman: windsock episode iii
fibreman: pulling at uncategorised colour memories
fibreman: when even the clouds spill blood
fibreman: more about the patterns
stephen 41: Ocean floor- acrylic -ink
brancusi7: New Year Enters With Some Trepidation
stephen 41: Something wicked this way comes - ink drawing on wood .
fibreman: not radar, roulette
fibreman: glass houses stones ii
fibreman: not yours
brancusi7: We Were Close But
stephen 41: Deep blue- acrylic paint
brancusi7: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Pagan, Everywhere You Go...