dckellyphoto: Downtown Pittsburgh Expressway
gregadams5522: Vanishing Point
gregadams5522: A Wild and Vivid Image in San Francisco
gregadams5522: Powell Street - Streetcar Passing in the Night
gregadams5522: Lombard Street - San Francisco
gregadams5522: The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
vtsankov: DSC_2011
vtsankov: DSC_4678
vtsankov: DSC_4681
vtsankov: DSC_4702
vtsankov: Midnight, perfect time for photos ✨
vtsankov: Light streaks by the lake ✨
TylerArnold82: Canary Wharf
gregadams5522: Lori's Diner - San Francisco, California
gregadams5522: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
TylerArnold82: Oxford Circus
TylerArnold82: The split
TylerArnold82: Landing at Ottawa Int'l
akot42: IMG_6324_Borovitskaya Square, Moscow
gregadams5522: La Salve Bridge - Bilbao, Spain
TylerArnold82: The Strand