MGness / Does the Bell dismiss you or the teacher?
Raquel.G.Pérez: What you do for you fades when you die. What you do for the rest makes up your legacy.
Electric Crayon: Abandoned - Embedded in Nature
Electric Crayon: Landscape Carchitecture - Oregon
Capt Andy: 71A_6217_8_9_Localtone
SONICGREGU: Danger!No Trespassing
SONICGREGU: Abandoned Slide Tower ,Ontario Place,Toronto
eb78: ferry ruins
Johan Buts: A Roll Of The Dice.
BN Kta: Sablier
Hitman.47 ( ...From Then To Now...
Fine ArtFoto: Where are my guests
Wicked Dark Photography: Luck of the Universe
Marie du 35.: Autre route, autre matin. Another road, another morning.
Fox Art': Lost chapel
black#light: blurred
black#light: splish splash, bathingday is on friday
Fine ArtFoto: Main Hall
Johan Buts: End Of A Dream.
Hitman.47 ( Multifoiled Paramour
Dust Brothers Inside: Töt a pöst !!!
Bartonio: Abandoned, Canary Islands