spazioabbandono: Lights & Shadows.
Beltway Photos: Dilapidated Slave Quarters
UE-Photography - urban exploration & travel: view from the commandant's balcony
Tourist der Vergangenheit: Heimatnah /Close to Home
UE-Photography - urban exploration & travel: these boots are made for walkin' III
woodpecker_photo: DSC_1060_ShiftN
eb78: framed
bialobrody: wreck
bialobrody: steam locomotive-Ty 42 (1945-1946)
bialobrody: anti-theft security system
bialobrody: waiting for a driver
bialobrody: Red roses
bialobrody: kitchen
bialobrody: Church
bialobrody: abandoned infectious diseases hospital
bialobrody: abandoned infectious diseases hospital
bialobrody: Barkas Framo
bialobrody: old horse-drawn vehicle
spazioabbandono: Colours of Decay.
PhillMono: Yale-Columbia Telescope Panorama (1)
PhillMono: Yale Columbia remains 1
PhillMono: Scheyville toilet block 7
Dust Brothers Inside: Italia&Fedez.
This is Michael !: my place !
2c..: Abandoned Hotel & Holiday homes