wwnorm: parking lot abstract
wwnorm: stripes
wwnorm: striped shadows
wwnorm: colorful stripes
wwnorm: shadows & stripes
wwnorm: restaurant lighting
wwnorm: ShadowsOnOldPaint
wwnorm: yellowLines on pavement
auntsmack4u: "As much as I love music, in my mind, photography is what makes me the happiest - that's for sure. " Julian Lennon
Matteo Allochis: Spigolature
Studio d'Xavier: Portrait with Yellow Stripes
Matteo Allochis: Pinstriped suits
beckysnature: Cropped to show in relation to a couple of big wine barrels
judmac1: Stripes
beckysnature: “The Woman Who Almost Stepped On A Snake”
Matteo Allochis: "Bruce, shame on you"
secret squirrel6: Rendevski Kenworth at Alexandra
secret squirrel6: K-200 Kenworth Double Logtruck at Trafalgar=2018
secret squirrel6: Olssons The Tractor Express Kenworth K-200 at Trafalgar=2018
secret squirrel6: Thompsons Transport K-200 Kenworth at Depot=2018
Studio d'Xavier: Waiting for the Train
Studio d'Xavier: Surf Shop Panda
byzantiumbooks: Tin Wall
beckysnature: Another rare occurence
cooliceblue: 31 of 365: in my room
beckysnature: Who? No, Doctor Who.