Friki_Melu: Meyer - Optik Gorlitz Oreston F1,8 - 50mm (55)
Chris Tidman Photography: Clematis in jars
Janet_Broughton: Blossom 2 (with Bokeh overlay)
robn848: A bit of mystery in the meadow.
Janet_Broughton: Blossom with Bokeh Overlay
Friki_Melu: Pancolar - 1,8 -50
plattlandtmann: Gardenfloorscape
Macro Lord: Columbine Hulls
robn848: It takes two to tango.
Hier und Jetzt: Muster....
ɯ ყ ɳ ʝ α: pale little dandelion..
Anikó Lázár: White flower
Macro Lord: Black Eyed Susan Art
Macro Lord: Wheat
done by deb: Summer in Pink
done by deb: Rose Dreams
robn848: The Final Six
Sienna62: Coneflower Closeup
done by deb: Evening Rose
done by deb: Blueberries
Friki_Melu: Meyer- Oreston f 1,8 - 50mm
Janet_Broughton: Simply Nature
Aby Images: Memories
ɯ ყ ɳ ʝ α: the last straw..
ɯ ყ ɳ ʝ α: listen to the inner light..
MSumnerPhotography: crepe mytle 2
robn848: Seemingly rimed for no reason
vittorio.chiampan: Winter landscape