Barbara.Elizabeth: American Bison
robn848 - away for sometime: Earlier in the Morning (before the mowing crew arrived)
ptholdren: 2020-08-05 Enabling Gardens-57
ptholdren: 2020-08-05 Enabling Gardens-114
ptholdren: Enabling Garden Regal Enhancement Texture 2
Sir Nameless: Rosemary
ptholdren: Textured PepperHarrow Farm
Sir Nameless: Jalapeño
Sir Nameless: Tomatillo
SØS'Art: IMGL4685 Rosenbillede
SØS'Art: IMG_6205 Spansk Marguerithe
SØS'Art: Marigold _9303
SØS'Art: Rose
SØS'Art: Rainbow-flower
soniamarmen: Revelation
soniamarmen: Revelation
Chris Tidman Photography: Lace-cap hydrangea
ptholdren: 2020-07-30 Birds and Butterflies
~ Pamela Bedsole ~: 3 Purple Buds ~Jacob's Ladder~
fine art by Christy: Garden Red Delight
Gislaadt Art - VADE RETRO Covid19: Nous voudrions quelques nuages et même un peu de pluie cette semaine
Gislaadt Art - VADE RETRO Covid19: Une sylvestre paranthèse
~ Pamela Bedsole ~: Tangled Up In Blue
Gislaadt Art - VADE RETRO Covid19: Perdue dans les broussailles
boeckli: A garden must combine the poetic and the mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy. (Luis Barragan)
~ Pamela Bedsole ~: My Favorite Planter
soniamarmen: Burgundy beauty