MikaJC: cosmos
MikaJC: Japanese anemone
MikaJC: Blanket flower
✽Elena✽: "Accendi un sogno e lascialo bruciare in te"
✽Elena✽: You were so perfectly imperfect
arunpnair: Red frangipani
arunpnair: Plumeria
roanfourie: Naturally
lattee: A taste of summer
Thomas P. Photography: Celestial meeting.
roanfourie: Late August
lattee: Inchworm
mimiseva: _DSC0013_DxO
mimiseva: _DSC0049_DxO
mimiseva: _DSC9921_DxO
mimiseva: _DSC9854_DxO
mimiseva: _DSC9865_DxO
✽Elena✽: Absolute perfection
lattee: Shed
✽Elena✽: Boulevard of hoped dreams
imagesbycataldo: Transitions 2
imagesbycataldo: Transitions
✽Elena✽: Closer to the edge
⌘⌘⌘: IMG_0025
roanfourie: African Blue-eyed Daisy
lattee: After rain
MikaJC: Heuchera flowers - dead flowers
MikaJC: Zinnia
roanfourie: Hooked