norahlfy: IMG_2861
Kaarel Kaldre: Visions
neilsonabeel: Vacant Lot
Studio d'Xavier: "As long as there are religions, there are going to be people who are hiding their rottenness behind the veil of religion." ~ Juliana Hatfield
Andrew B. Barkhatov: Julia Mitina as Juliet Capulet («Romeo and Juliet»), noir ver.
Delay Tactics: Saxon Road
keycmndr (aka CyberShutterbug): Windows to Another World
johnscratchley: Rocks and Tide
jaume zamorano: Black and white autumn in the park
Yohan GERARD: YOY_0641
jeanpierre.hazee: img20201026_15551289
philipp.weinmann: DSCF6337 3
.KiLTЯo.: Dei um laço no espaço
jason5lee: 000455790006_1
ianceetee9: Bridal Path Under Water
Leafsp: Forest Walk, Singapore, 2020
Arlo Bates: 2020 arlophoto365 challenge 300-366
Rex Mandel: 6th Street (at Natoma) - San Francisco, CA
saulius1122: Sailor
JAV!!: casares Monochrome, Abandoned Architecture, Former Greek Orthodox Church & Former Mosque, Yamackoy, Turkish Republic Of North Cyprus.
Plan R: breakfast at Marusei Shokudo, Auga Fresh Market, Aomori, Japan
Tim Ravenscroft: Japanese interior
Moollatoo Photography: Long Way Home
vicsdiscovery: Kids will be kids
Fgjbn: Escaleras al cielo