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Jacques Rollet (Little Available): PATAGONIA - Snow can be dangerous ... and sometimes deadly!
hallbæck: 6M7A8361
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uplandswolf: Megan Annie
drugodragodiego: Dia de los muertos
Кевін Бієтри‎: Elektron T19 Lviv
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Кевін Бієтри‎: Tatra KT4 Zaporizhzhya
Jacques Rollet (Little Available): French Polynesia - Exit… straight ahead !
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hallbæck: 6M7A8354
fotophotow: Visversnaperingen and bicycles
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Jacques Rollet (Little Available): PATAGONIA at sunset - Considerable fright ! The airplane almost touched the helicopter !!
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fotophotow: Behind the Port Authority Bus Terminal
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richwat2011: St.Matthew's Church, Warehorne
Jacques Rollet (Little Available): South Africa - Black Eagle... take off
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