Ktoine: Pink Elephant
Paulo Moreira Film Photography: Franka Solida III Schneider Radionar
John Riper: Cool!
natan_salinas: Siluetas Urbanas
bigboysdad: Leaving Work
marcello_thie: revising the apocalypse, chapter 2
Guido Klumpe: In the moonshine
marcello_thie: love whispers
marcello_thie: Lost in music II
ennioxx: Piazza Mercanti - Milano
mirsavio: Birds
Stitch: street vendor no more?
b.keelerfoster: Man Exiting the Tube
marcello_thie: Alice in wonderland
marcello_thie: will HE be recognized after coming down to us?
marcello_thie: pure joy
Paulo Moreira Film Photography: Pentax 67 + Pentax 55/4
Guido Klumpe: Four ways of waiting
nick.carding: Out of the tunnel
nick.carding: Shopping street
ennioxx: Gondolieri 2
ennioxx: Gondolieri 13 - fine serie
ennioxx: Gondolieri 7
Guido Klumpe: Follow the money
guy474: 00414-1972
deanbostrom: On the Phone
ennioxx: Ottobre insieme
marcello_thie: proud and suspicious